Email to all GSLs and District Team

Hi all

Here’s the link to the website that was launched last night at the GSL meeting.
There will be an email going out to everyone over the weekend, but the team wanted GSLs to be prepared to field questions and be ahead of the game. By the way ‘be prepared’ is also the password that leaders need to use to access the leader area.
What next:
So, over the next couple of months – and by 28 June at the very latest, we as GSLs are being asked to
  • ‘sell’ this brilliant idea to our Group leadership teams
  • visit the Leader Area on the website and follow the Group Registration link. Completing the form ASAP with indicative numbers will give the team the information that they need to plan – it might be a Really Big Camp or it might be an absolutely Ginormous Camp!
More info in the next email over the weekend to everyone, backed up by a Facebook post to launch the event.
Hope all is clear – if not the team are standing by (well, not actually standing by – they are busy doing other things) to answer questions – drop an email to and it will go by magic to Jackie and the team.


PS – we put the website together quickly so if you find anything wrong with it – or not working – drop me a note and I’ll get it sorted.
PPS – there’s also a link to the event website from the District site at
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