Email to all leaders in District

The Craigalmond event of 2020 will be a Camp.
It will be a BIG camp.
It will be a REALLY Big Camp

It will be THE Really Big Camp

It’s and this is the chance for you and the young people in your sections to get involved in this massive and ambitious event being held from 1 -3 May 2020.
Details are now available for this event, so head over to the website to find out all about it – who is it for, what will it cost, where will it be……
The home page is open to the public but the Leader Area is password protected – password is ‘beprepared’
What next:
Shout it out
  • let the young people in your sections know about it
  • make sure that all your ABSLs, ACSLs, ASLs, AESLs and Sectional Assistants know about it and get the chance to take part
  • Start to make noises to your Execs in case you want support from them
Save the Date
  • get the dates – Friday 1st May – Sunday 3rd May – into your Group and Section diaries
  • get the dates into OSM (create a new summer 2020 term now and get the event in)
  • get the dates into your diaries and calendars
  • say NO to anyone who wants you to do something else that weekend
Register interest
  • your GSL – or David (DESC) for Explorers – will be in touch regularly to build up interest
  • by the end of June, each Group is asked to register with indicative numbers.
Questions can be emailed to the event team at will be answered by the team – Q&As will be published on the website (unless of course they contain sensitive information in which case replies will be personal). Website
So pop over to the website now – bookmark it because that’s where all the info will be over the next year and a bit. It’s mobile friendly so will always be available in your pocket.

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