Update email from Jackie to co-ordinators 20 February

Dear All,
We now have a badge! The  badge was designed by Kirsty Funnell, a 16th Scout. All participants will receive a badge prior to camp.
Almost 200 adults have signed up to help at the big camp, giving us an overall ratio of almost 1 adult to 4 young people. See below the numbers of adults per sub camp:
Sub camp Young people Total Adults Excess adults
Fraser 164 36 17
Martin 131 17+ 0
Mark 149 47 24
Zoe 179 40 + TBC
Ross 147 42 21
Explorers 73 12 0
We now have the challenge of managing this number of adults along with the Young people. Can i please ask all groups to consider the following:
  • Each sub camp will require a catering team – some volunteers have already come forward, however, we still require more. Please ask your adult helpers if they would be willing to take on one of these roles for your sub camp.
  • There will be a list of activities/ roles which will need to be covered over the weekend – this will be available very soon for adults to sign up to.
  • For offsite activities there will only be spaces for the minimum ratio of adults to accompany young people. The majority of adults will remain onsite at these times.
  • Camping space is at a premium – please remember this when selecting and allocating tents.
  • An adult code of conduct will be circulated prior to the camp – all adults on site will be expected to adhere to this. All adults will be provided with yellow and green cards on their sub camps.
  • Invoices for additional adults will be sent out soon.
All adults attending must have completed, as a minimum, the online safeguarding and safety modules by 1st April.
Participants numbers
Deadline for (minor) changes to participant numbers is the end of this week – after that we will not be able to add anymore.
Please can you start to collate your participant information – see the attached spreadsheet for the data that we will require – may thanks to those who have already submitted the information.
Sub camps 
Sub camp names have now been decided:
Fraser – Australia
Martin – Europe
Mark – Antarctica
Zoe – Africa
Ross – Asia
Explorers – The Americas
  • There will be 12 activity groups per section – these will be identifiable by coloured wrist bands. You will be issued with the correct number of coloured bands for your participants prior to camp.
  • You will also be given coloured bands for the appropriate number of adults to accompany participants in each section – for off site activities only adults with  coloured bands will be allocated a space on the coach.
  • Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will spend a half day at off site activities.
  • Explorers will be offsite all day on Saturday.
Kit list are attached for all sections; please note:
  • Cubs, Scouts and explorers will require water kit (a full change of clothes which can get wet and a large towel)
  • Participants should be encourage to pack all their belongings into ONE bag
  • Scout discount is given at  Go Outdoors – West Harbour Road, Granton, EH5 1PW, Tiso – 123-125 Rose Street, EH2 3DT, Trespass (take your neckie to the store!)
As always if you have any questions/ queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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